My college education began in engineering and architecture, both of which had too many formal constraints, typically resolved on the drawing board. I later, realized that I needed to work with form and materials directly in three-dimensional space. Much of my early work is influenced by architects such as Gaudi, for his organic form, and F.L.Wright, for his extended cantiliver. Currently, I have been looking at the brushstrokes in early Asian Architecture and calligraphy.

I completed B.F.A. and M.F.A. degrees from an art college in California in sculpture, which helped me develop as an art maker predominately working in metals. I started my professional career as an educator of furniture design, ceramics and glass forming at Central Washington University. Working within the environment of an art department expanded my interests in other media and in particular the language of art. I taught for 32 years while evolving my ideas as a sculptural furniture maker and exhibiting work in the regions museums.

Since 2000, I have worked as a studio furniture maker while emphasizing kiln- fired glasswork. Recently I have attended educational conferences by the Furniture Society and international kiln glass conferences by Bullseye Glass in Portland. These events are very inspiring because of the diversity of creative work that is going on in this country. I have primarily exhibited my work through NW Fine woodworking gallery in Seattle, which is a woodworker’s coop.

Throughout the years, I have continued to generate new work rather than do a limited production of repeat designs, which is typical of most furniture makers. I have particularly enjoyed the challenge of satisfying a clients functional needs and ideas for furniture because the completed work then resides in their home rather than a museum.

I currently focus upon contemporary custom art furniture and if you examine my portfolio you will see that each piece of work is visually unique.